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Shipping Policy

SHIPPING & Returns:

Once your order is placed, shipping will take up to 7-10 days, which will include handling. Thank you in advance for your patience! 

If you're local to Worcester, you can choose in-person pickup! Please wait for an email confirmation on how to pick up your order first. 

Returns: As of right now, I don't offer returns, but will be considering returns and discounted rates for repurchased items due to damage during transit soon! 

Shipping Policy

Wearable Art:

Sizing: approximation of measurements will vary from piece to piece. Some thrifted pieces may include exact measurements, and some others may require estimations. I will try my best to make those numbers as accurate as possible!  

Pre-wash: In an effort to engage in environmentally ethical practices, all wearable art has been acquired second-hand through thrift stores and/or hand-me-downs. All wearable art will be thoroughly washed well before any piece is bought and painted on.  

Disclaimer: Please note that fading or cracking in the paint will occur over time due to wear, tear, and washing! To ensure longevity in your wearables, always wash in cold water on a delicate cycle and air dry. Drying with heat accelerates cracking in the paint. 

Shipping Policy


Commissions are accepted on a case by case basis. Rates are dependent on cost of materials and labor. Buyers are responsible for covering shipping costs even when not bought through the site. 

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